Christopher Dysart is a writer based out of the Central Valley of California. He's recently been featured in the Winter Edition of From the Depths, and has been published by Modesto Junior College's Celebration of the Humanities Anthology. His current projects include a collection of short literary fiction operating under the working title of Some Nights You Do The Wrong Things and a surrealist novella written in short vignettes.

Dysart was born in 1988. Oldest of six siblings, father at twenty, married and divorced twice by the age of twenty-three, his work seeks to find meaning within the smallest of encounters and obstacles. It also, at times, shows us how insignificant some of our greatest achievements and losses really are. There is no heavy handed approach though. His body of work is a push towards refined and crude American minimalism. Showing, showing, never telling, letting the reader impose meaning between the lines, right before the rug is pulled out from beneath their feet entirely.